Forever a Tourist in my Own Life

It has been a life picking up and going where I have never gone before–partly of my own choosing and partly due to the whims of the United States Army. As the daughter and now the wife of U.S. soldiers, I have ended up relocating all around the country. I was born in an Army hospital and they have been telling where to go and when to be there ever since. My father did retire in time for me to go to Jr. high and high school in the same small town, without interuption, where my grandparents lived. And, I also chose to go to college where I, and I alone, wanted. However, that is where I met and married my husband. Since then, we ,together with our two kids, two dogs, and now two cats, have gone where orders say to go and have gotten there when said orders have directed. Despite the gypsy-ish style of the beginning and current chapters of my life, I have nothing to complain about or any regrets. The Army has never steered me wrong. While most of the military spouses and families I know and live around have had extensive stints overseas, I am one of the few who have only been stateside. I would certainly jump at the chance to go overseas in any capacity, but since my husband has only two and a half years left, it looks like I won’t have that chance–at least not on the Army’s dime. That is perfectly fine, I’ll take what I can get. Our adventures have been grand thus far and I know they will only get more grand after he retires. I have always treated each move like an opportunity and choose to live everywhere we go as a tourist. Afterall, aren’t we all tourists in our own lives? We get one shot here, or multiple lives due to reincarnation, but robbed of the memories–therefore, I should say, one shot here that we will surely remember. This blog will hopefully chronical my physical journey during that one shot; but more importantly, I hope it encourages others to use that one shot to go..set forth…travel..see the world…go anywhere and everywhere you have never been. I can promise you that even after the Army is done picking up the tab and telling me where and when to pack it up and move on, my husband and I will still go forth, explore, and be tourists in our own lives…we will use that one shot to see it all while we can and hopefully on my last day here, I’ll be somewhere I have never been, and I will go into a light to head off somewhere else I’ve never been–unless ‘reincarnation’ sends me back down for more. Until then…I’ll keep writing all over the map.

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    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

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